Why succumb to the Korean cosmetic wave?

Modernité et Tradition: Les cosmétiques coréens alliant efficacité, innovation et tradition aux ingrédients botaniques tirés de la médecine traditionnelle et aux principes actifs tirés de la recherche botanique. Boutique en ligne MY-KARE.

In around ten years, Korea has become one of the major players in the global cosmetics industry and is shaking up the major historical countries that are the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States. Korean cosmetic products are renowned throughout Asia and - like all of K-Culture - are now gaining positions in more distant markets such as Russia, the United States and little by little Europe.

New innovations from the Land of the Morning Calm

do you know that BB or CC cream, the Blur, the Cushion Cream or the essentials serum-soaked cloth masks are products of Korean origin? Haven't you noticed in your major cosmetics stores mentions of products " came from Korea » ?

While United Kingdom is the world leader in cosmetics, why are these products arriving here and enjoying growing success?

Korea: A skincare culture

Korea is a culture in particular of skin care: men and women since their early childhood are accustomed to the public baths present in each district integrating sauna, hammam, hot and cold baths, ... as moments of relaxation, but also of hygiene and care.

Korean teenagers, boys and girls, just like men maintain their skin and have their cosmetics; and Korean women, informed and demanding customers, look for the latest novelties, follow the so-called Korean layering steps and commonly realize their daily routine with a range of ten skin care products.

Korean expertise and innovation driven by strong local competition

The high local demand is the delight of major Korean groups, but also a whole fabric of smaller and medium-sized companies have developed to offer products that are certainly less marketed, but more innovative, natural and eco-responsible. The result today is nearly 2,000 local cosmetics manufacturers and nearly as many brands that make Korea's a real source of expertise and innovation.

Why this success? Effective and innovative compositions combining tradition and technology

The compositions of Korean cosmetics are the result of a fair and skilful dosage of technology and of natural products.

  • The plants used in the form of extract or root, leaf, fruit, kernel or seed oil are those used in traditional medicine such as green tea, centella asiatica, Schisandra (or omija in Korean), peony, Sophora japonica, … and many others to cleanse, hydrate, protect and nourish the skin using proven botanical ingredients guaranteeing the efficacy and safety of the products.
  • These plant extracts are supplemented by active ingredients naturally present in the skin or naturally helping the skin in the operation of its maintenance, regeneration or defense processes, such as Phytosphingosine, ceramides, peptides, hyaluronic acid, or various vitamins and active antioxidants such as niacinamide, panthenol… for make up for deficiencies and the effects of external aggressions and age.

Unrivaled value for money

Even if the importation is an additional cost (in particular the transport especially in this post-covid period), the products of Korean cosmetics are for an equivalent quality much less expensive than European cosmetics.

To convince yourself of this, compare the price and the composition of the products, check the share of botanical ingredients in the list, the share of those advertised as coming from organic farming, the position of the water ingredient and do not hesitate to use an ingredient analysis application.

5 reasons to choose MY-KARE for your Korean cosmetics

Choose the French online store MY-KARE for your Korean cosmetics, it means choosing the passion, commitment and values of its founder Hyun-Hee KOH:

  • A ethics e-commerce based on honesty, authenticity, respect for customers and commitments;
  • A selection of Korean cosmetic brands with irreproachable ethical values ​​investing in the product quality, of their mostly botanical and locally sourced ingredients;
  • A sharp and detailed selection of Korean cosmetics with effective ingredients, respectful of the skin and favoring the natural products, certified vegan or organic;
  • A special attention for each order including but not limited to shipment within 24 hours (working days), samples offered in accordance with the order, gifts, ...
  • A daily availability (on working days) by phone and/or email for any questions about products, delivery, or for any request for advice for your facial routine.

To convince yourself of this, do not hesitate to browse feedback from our customers and their opinions on our selection of cosmetic nuggets from South Korea.


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