Soothing and regenerating tonic lotion - Centella Asiatica

Soothe and relieve your irritated and problem skin, and find a hydrated skin and more farm with this toner Centella Asiatica Extract to benefits of Centella Asiatica.

ONE ingredient: Centella Asiatica for irritated and problem skin

Derived from the traditional Korean pharmacopoeia, the Centella Asiatica has many beneficial properties:asiaticoside and the madecassoside, its two main active ingredients are real soothing agents, rebalancing And regenerators to maintain or regain healthier, firmer skin with a soothed and luminous complexion.

Thanks to the'asiaticoside and the madecassoside natural products of Centella Asiatica, the tonic lotion Centella Asiatica Extract like this:

  • limits the oxidative stress responsible for premature aging of the skin and regulates the production of melamine, a fundamental action against pigment spots,
  • promotes the synthesis by the skin of collagen for a reinforced skin structure and firmer skin,
  • strengthens the skin barrier, soothes the skin irritations and improves wound healing, fundamental actions for dry and damaged skin and against skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, erythema or acne.

A light and quality vegan formula

Liquid texture, non-sticky, and quickly assimilated by the skin, Centella Asiatica Extract korean brand One Thing is a hypoallergenic toner, composed of only 3 ingredients including 95% Centella Asiatica extract, ingredients of 100% botanical origin and EWG certified quality.

This low acidity tonic lotion (ph 5.2), neutral for the skin, is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive, for a rebalanced skin, healthy and resilient to assaults.

Usage tips

After cleansing, apply this product in different ways:

  • In tonic lotion : Apply a small amount of the toner to your palms and press them against the face for smooth absorption into the skin;
  • In masque : Soak fine cotton pads in the product and apply them to the face like a custom-made moisturizing mask;
  • In haze : pour the product into a bottle with a spray pump and use it as a mist;
  • In moisturizer : add a few drops to your favorite moisturizer (for example 10ml of the product for 100ml of cream) to enjoy its benefits without changing your routine.


        • Centella Asiatica
          Ideal for sensitive, irritated and mature skin, this herb, also known as tiger grass, provides anti-inflammatory, healing, restorative and anti-aging properties.
        • Centella Asiatica Extract(95%), Butylene Glycol, 1,2-Hexanediol

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 3 reviews
        Soraya M.
        Peau: Sèche
        Age: 25-34 ans
        Peau sensible: Non
        Super toner

        Super agréable, j’adore l’odeur très nature. Produit agréable. Même l’emballage en plastique fait très qualité . Je recommande totalement !

        Peau: Mixte
        Age: 45-54 ans
        Peau sensible: Oui
        Super toner

        Bon produit, bien hydratant ! Il apaise la peau après le nettoyage.

        Peau: Mixte
        Age: 24 ans ou moins
        Peau sensible: Oui
        Ravie d’avoir croisé ton chemin!

        Je suis complètement conquise par ce produit car je suis passée par une période de ma vie très compliquée avec beaucoup d’acné, où je ne pouvais pas acheter de produits cosmétiques sans que ma peau réagisse mal! Mes cicatrices d’acné se sont nettement atténuées et ma peau est plus lisse et lumineuse après pratiquement deux semaines d’utilisation.

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