THE acne-prone skin need candy, d’appeasement, of a good hydration, and to be supported in their efforts to purification. Compared to normal skin, acne-prone skin should take care to do not stimulate the sebaceous glands and so :

  • Carry out an effective but gentle and non-aggressive daily cleaning,
  • Ensure good skin hydration
… To help eliminate impurities through the skin and thus to:
  • Perform a regular gentle peeling for example with fruit acids (AHA) or preferably withsalicylic acid (THERE WERE) to unclog pores,
  • Choose fine and non-comedogenic vegetable oils that do not clog pores,

… and to soothe and cleanse your skin and so to:
  • Choose gentle natural active ingredients soothing And antiseptics,
  • choose care and restorative active ingredients such as Centella Asiatica or Niacinamide improving the quality of the skin and aiming in particular to tighten pores and to regenerate deeper layers.

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