Antioxidants, essential anti-aging active ingredients

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En alimentation comme en cosmétique, les antioxydants botaniques luttent contre le veillissement de la peau tels que teint terne, taches, rides, pigmentation, relâchement, perte d'élasticité. La cosmétique coréenne innovante aux bienfaits de la nature

In food as in cosmetics, a large number ofbotanical ingredients are real allies against aging including that of the skin, allowing preserve your health and youth capital.

These assets that limit cellular degeneration are called antioxidants. Why are they crucial in your face routine? To answer, let's first come back to the skin and how it works.

Cellular oxidation

A natural process

L'cellular oxidation is a process that arises from the life of the cell and its consumption of oxygen. This oxidation creates free radicals which will attack the cells, but this is not a problem with normal natural defenses, because the cells are able to fight against these free radicals.

oxidative stress, toxic to cells, ...

We arrive at a situation of oxidative stress » problematic when the production of free radicals exceeds the defense and regulation capacities of the cells. The cells are then overwhelmed and damaged by the excess free radicals. This excess of free radicals is toxic to the body, harmful to health and accelerates the signs of aging.

... increasing with age

yes theUV exposure is for the skin the first external cause of oxidative stress, thelifestyle (diet, alcohol, sleep, tobacco...), the level of stress and theage are crucial factors. With age, the body's antioxidant defense system is less efficient, and gradually allows free radicals to develop... thus gradually bringing them to the level of the skin. loss of elasticity, drying out, fine lines, Then tasks, rides And releases by destruction of support fibers such as elastin or collagen…

But do not panic ! Accompanied by a better lifestyle as much as possible, an additional supply of antioxidants through cosmetic care helps the skin to prevent or fight against the premature signs of aging... and there is no age to start .

Antioxidants, active against oxidative stress

Antioxidants are in fact in this context "reducing" molecules whose main role is to fight against the actions of free radicals and avoid reaching the level of "oxidative stress" which deteriorates the cells, with irreversible and visible damage to long term on the skin.

Antioxidants derived from plants and integrated into cosmetics prevent and thus help to fight skin aging and demonstrate specific actions beneficial to the vitality of skin metabolism, with soothing benefits, photo-protector, firming, regenerator, depigmenting, conditioner, anti wrinkle, antitaches, …

What are the main antioxidants in cosmetics?

    Vitamin C: the cosmetic star of antioxidants

    Vitamin C

    • is a powerful antioxidant that helps prevent damage caused by free radicals,
    • helps stimulate the production of collagen, making the skin firmer and plumper,
    • helps reduce dark spots and improves skin tone,
    • protects the skin against sun damage.

    Learn all about the benefits of vitamin C, possible associations, and selection MY-KARE Korean cosmetics with vitamin C

    Asiaticoside & madecassoside: the antioxidants of Centella Asiatica

     All about the soothing and restorative benefits from Centella Asiatica 



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