Our values

MY-KARE, French online store of Korean cosmetics Natural, Organic and Vegan

Because Asia and especially Korea have become the epicenter of cosmetic innovation, MY-KARE offers natural and quality products designed and produced in South Korea.
Between tradition and innovation, we want a real passion for Korean Cosmetics and we select the best products for your skin and good for the planet.

Our promise : Select and offer the best Korean brands and products, sharp, innovative, natural and respectful of the skin as well as introduce you to the rituals and ancestral gestures of Korean beauty, to bring you pleasure and well-being. 

Our mission : Pass on all the know-how of the K-beauty culture and share with you the desire to take care of yourself and your skin.
MY-KARE, Mon soin coréen

The universe MY-KARE

Between Tradition & Modernity : Products from the Korean Skin routine which includes formulas at the forefront of cosmetic innovation (natural molecules and processes)
and inspired by ancestral traditions (beauty rituals and gestures, proven natural active ingredients from traditional medicine, etc.)

100% EFFICIENT + CLEAN selection: At the service of your skin, recognized cosmetic brands with effective, clean and natural products, without controversial ingredients, products that are both good for the environment and above all good for your skin.

Green Addict : No Greenwashing at MY-KARE, respect for nature and the reduction of our ecological impact are an integral part of our values ​​and our commitments.

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