MIXSOON is the combination of two words: “mix” meaning mixture in English and “soon” coming from a Chinese-Korean word meaning purity. With this name "pure mixture", the brand highlights all the care taken in the selection of ingredients and the making of its products:

  • To ensure the best quality and regular control, the botanical ingredients are grown on Korean soil, by selected cultivators or by the company directly. MIXSOON for example, directly cultivates Centella Asiatica on land on the island of Udo, in Jeju, and regularly carries out tests to check for the absence of pesticides and heavy metals.
  • Quality requires time: The company uses slower methods of extracting active ingredients that are respectful of the nutrients offered by the plant (high frequency extraction and low temperature, below 50 degrees).
  • MIXSOON uses on some of its formulas the benefits of fermentation, a natural process allowing the natural synthesis of active ingredients such as lactic acid (AHA), improve the absorption of nutrients by the skin by reducing the size and complexity of their particles, naturally eliminate bacteria and improve the preservation of formulas without the need for preservatives.

 Source: Korean cosmetic brand MIXSOON



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