Seollal - 설날, Korean New Year

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Seollal - 설날, Nouvel An Coréen, Sebaetdon ou cadeau aux enfants, cadeau en costume Hanbok

If we celebrate the New Year in the West on January 1, most Asian countries celebrate it according to the lunar calendar and the date differs each year: in 2022, the so-called Lunar or Asian New Year is February 1.

In Korea, the Lunar New Year, called Seollal New Year's Day, is one of the two major Korean traditional holidays (with Chuseok) and its importance can be compared to that of Christmas for the French. Seollal is celebrated for three days across the whole country and everyone returns to their native region to meet up with their families, resulting in a real crossover and huge traffic jams during these few days.

During this festive period imbued with a strong cultural significance, Koreans cultivate many traditions:

The Saebae 세배, the wishes of the youngest to the elders

In the early morning, dressed in their Seolbim (new dress 설빔 or traditional dress hanbok 한복), children and young adults on their knees greet their elders by bowing and saying "새해 복 많이 받으세요", "Receive a lot of happiness in this new year".

The Sebaetdon 세뱃돈, the gift to children

After the The fences, the elders in return send their wishes of happiness to the youngest and give them a pocket containing money, the Sebaetdon (세뱃돈). After receiving the "precious" envelope, the children like to get together to find out who has been spoiled the most.

The Charye 차례, the tribute to the ancestors

During Seollal, every family must honor its ancestors. Koreans prepare traditional dishes as offerings. The food is presented on a table behind which are the ancestral tablets of the family in front of which the Koreans kneel in order to pay homage to those who preceded them.

Tteokguk 떡국, the traditional Korean New Year dish

Seollalalso means sharing a good meal with the family. The main dish eaten during this festival is Tteokguk, a beef broth soup with thin slices of rice cake. Symbolically it is by eating Tteokguk that Koreans say they take a year… However, don't worry, you won't take an extra year on your birthday!

Yutnori 윷놀이, the traditional board game

Seollal is also an opportunity for Koreans to strengthen family ties by playing traditional games, the best known being Yutnori (윷놀이). This board game is played between two teams and requires four special sticks called yut (윷). These sticks (which are used like dice) are curved on one side and flat on the other. The teams take turns to throw the sticks in the air. Players move their pawns according to how the sticks fall.

On this Seollal day the team MY-KARE thanks you for the support you give him and wishes you a happy new year under the sign of the Black Tiger 🐅

happy new year !



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