Centella Asiatica & CICA treatments, their benefits for weakened skin

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Centella Asiatica ou Herbe du Tigre, plante aux vertus apaisante et réparatrice, idéale contre traces et marques d'acné. Asiaticoside et madécassoside stimulent la synthese de collagène, apaisent rougeurs et inflammations et améliorent la cicatrisation

Do you suffer from unsightly and annoying inflammation and redness on your face, acne or acne marks, eczema or even rosacea or erythema?

Well know that there is a botanical ingredient known for several millennia in Asia perfect for relieving and improving problem skin: Centella Asiatica, also known by the traditional name of tiger grass or more commercially today of CICA.

What is Centella Asiatica?

Centella asiatica is a perennial plant, composed of small fan-shaped leaves, native to tropical and subtropical regions of Asia and Oceania.

The Centella Asiatica like other perennial plants (houttuynia) or living in a constrained or competitive environment (cactus, resurrection plant, etc.) has been able to adapt and develop over time strategies, biological processes and thus specific assets to survive and develop despite difficult or even extreme living conditions.

Animals and men have been able to take advantage of it for millennia:

  • Legend has it that tigers came to rub against this grass to to heal their wounds, which earned it its nickname “of tiger grass.”
  • It is used as a medicinal plant in Ayurvedic medicine (traditional medicine originating in India) and traditional Chinese medicine, particularly to treat itching, burning or even small wounds.

Beyond this traditional and empirical knowledge dating back several millennia, Centella Asiatica has been studied since the mid-20th century and even today studies continue to regularly discover health benefits.

Herbe du Tigre, ou Centella Asiatica ou CICA, plante apaisante et régénératrice pour les peaux abimées, acnéiques et avec des marques de cicatrisation d'acné

The active ingredients of Centella Asiatica, their benefits on the skin

The benefits of Centella Asiatica leaves come from its content of numerous active ingredients that are unique to it:

  • l’asiaticoside, le madécassoside,
  • Asian, Madecassic and Madasiac acids, and other centelloside, etc.

    asiaticoside and madecassoside, the two main active ingredients, are classified as antioxidants and so-called skin care agents by INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients), and are organic compounds helping skin tissue to combat degenerative processes (DNA oxidation) , and to regenerate and reconstruct its different components.

    Antioxidant and protective action

    Antioxidants, madecassoside and asiaticoside fight against oxidative stress due in particular to UV rays, and regulate the production of particularly increased melamine during exposure to the sun; two fundamental actions against cellular degeneration and pigment spots.

    In-depth reinforcing action

    Madecassoside and asiaticoside promote collagen synthesis by the skin and blood circulation as close as possible to the cells, fully participating in cutaneous regeneration and thus contribute to the good structure and vitality of the skin, guaranteeing its ability to maintain and improve its both its hydration, its firmness, its elasticity and its level of face resilience to external aggression.

    Soothing and healing action

    Madecassoside and asiaticoside are ultimately active ingredients strengthening the skin barrier, soothing the skin from redness, irritation and inflammation and improving wound healing; making Centella Asiatica the ally of sensitive skin suffering from eczema, psoriasis, erythema or acne.

    CICA care

    A true anti-aging booster and improving the comfort of inflamed and problem skin, Centella Asiatica has had its own “ line of cosmetic products ” for several years: CICA treatments , available in the different forms or stages of Korean layering , with the best known CICA cream .

    CICA treatments first appeared in K-Beauty with Centella Asiatica as the first ingredient and highlighting the soothing and restorative benefits of the plant.

    Unfortunately in France, certain players in the dermatological industry have found the interesting idea of ​​using this name for their soothing and healing cream treatments but without Centella Asiatica, or even without active ingredients of botanical origin... To benefit from the benefits of Centella, so keep your eyes peeled and check the ingredient list carefully.

    CICA facial treatments from the MY-KARE selection

    MY-KARE has selected for you CICA treatments from Korean cosmetics rich in Centella Asiatica, treatments with quality ingredients ideal for soothing inflamed, irritated skin or/and having problems such as acne, acne marks, eczema or erythema:


    Other treatments in the MY-KARE selection also include Centella Asiatica extracts in their formula: see the selection of Centella Asiatica treatments .

    If you have a question about this article, about our selection of natural Korean cosmetic treatments or need advice tailored to your skin, contact us! 




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