As a cosmetic ingredient,avoids, also called five flavor berries or Schisandra chinensis, improves skin elasticity and reduces wrinkles. It is one of the botanical active ingredients anti-aging main because it is rich in amino acids, antioxidants And vitamins and he reduces skin aging And revives the complexionRead more...

avoids (오미자) means in Korean five flavor berries, because it contains all tastes: sweet, salty, sour, bitter, spicy. The fruit is sweet, its skin is sour (sour), the pit is spicy and bitter, and the chewed leaves leave a salty aftertaste.

The berries contain 20% sugar, 11% citric acid, 10% protein, 10%malic acid, 2 % d'tartaric acid, 17 kinds ofamino acids and of many vitamins (A, B6, C, E), trace elements and essential oils, a real antioxidant cocktail with anti-aging properties and reviving the complexion with its acids (AHA).

The tree ofavoids bears fruit from June to July. These berries become small red clusters when harvested between September and October. These berries are edible and used in traditional medicine for flu prevention, fitness, prevention of women's diseases and proper liver function.

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