Set of 6 Oily Skin Cares

Let us guide you through your daily face routine with our selection of 6 Korean treatments for oily skin, natural, vegan cosmetics from the most ethical Korean beauty brands.

Oily skin dreams of lightness: to rebalance it, we put on an airy skincare routine that capitalizes on the essentials. My Kare brings together its best Korean nuggets with sebum-regulating and moisturizing properties in a new clean box: 

  • The cult cleansing oil from Whamisa, to eradicate excess sebum in the heart of the pores without attacking them,
  • An effective and refreshing Benton cleansing cream, cleansing the skin and pores of impurities, excess sebum, but also relieving redness and small imperfections.
  • An ultra-fresh alcohol-free hydrating toner, to intensely hydrate and tighten pores without a sticky finish,
  • A white clay mask from the beautiful Urang brand with the virtues of Kaolin, chamomile and essential oils for soothed, decongested, breathable skin.
  • An All Natural sheet mask with houttuynia cordata, to calm the skin when it is in crisis and cleanse it in depth.
  • An emulsion with Whamisa fermented flowers, to take care of the skin's water/oil balance guardian microbiota,

The right move? Apply these steps rigorously morning and evening to observe first results within a few days.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
On arrival: less shine, clearer pores and renewed comfort.

Whamisa - Organic Flowers Cleansing Oil - Huile Démaquillante BIO aux Fleurs
Whamisa - Organic Cleansing Oil with Flowers (150ml)
Benton - Deep Green Tea Cleansing Foam - Crème nettoyante au thé vert de Boseong
Benton - Boseong Green Tea Cleansing Cream (120ml)
Sioris - Feel So Fresh Toner - Lotion Tonique rééquilibrant et éclatant
Sioris - Rebalancing and Radiant Toner (150ml)
Urang - Clarifying Blue Mask - Masque Exfoliant & Purifiant au Kaolin
Our - Masque Exfoliant & Purifiant au Kaolin (105 ml)
All Natural - Mask Sheet Houttuynia Cordata - Masque purifiant - Houttuynia Cordata
All Natural - Purifying mask - Houttuynia Cordata (1 mask - 25 ml)
Whamisa - Organic Flowers Lotion Original - Emulsion Hydratante BIO aux Fleurs
Whamisa - Organic Moisturizing Emulsion with Flowers (150 ml)

Make Korean Layering Your Daily Facial Routine Using Our Guide Article Face routine: the steps of Korean Layering.

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